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A family-run firm from Austria with a workforce of 220 employees, KATZBECK has manufactured bespoke windows and doors made of wood and wood/aluminium for over 65 years. KATZBECK products stand for first-rate design, innovation, outstanding quality and green production processes. KATZBECK is your competent and capable partner in all stages of door and window production, from consulting and planning, to manufacture and installation. Open your senses and find inspiration for your home. Select from a broad range of models, colours and forms; create precisely the atmosphere in your ‘four walls’ that best suits your style. Visit our headquarters and production facility in Rudersdorf or one of our eight window studios in Austria.

Adjusting rabbet parts

Adjusting rabbet parts Adjusting reinforcing parts: Adjusting contact pressure: Releases compression Adds compression Less gasket compression Rebate-leg side This position with the flat surface faced towards the eccentric cam is the original position. More gasket compression 34 KATZBECK-MANUAL

Unhinging and remounting a sash: Unhinging a sash Remounting a sash CAUTION: The safety screw has to be set in an inter-locking manner in the hole of the supporting rail, if the safety screw is not visible the sash is not sufficiently secured. This may result in severe injury. Activate leverage safeguard B. Push the leverage safeguard (1) all the way back on the guiderails until they snap into place at the marked location (2). CAUTION: If the leverage safeguard B does not snap into place properly or at all at the marked location, the sash will not have been secured sufficiently. Severe bodily harm may be the result.not visible the sash is not sufficiently secured. This may result in severe injury. KATZBECK-MANUAL 35

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