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A family-run firm from Austria with a workforce of 220 employees, KATZBECK has manufactured bespoke windows and doors made of wood and wood/aluminium for over 65 years. KATZBECK products stand for first-rate design, innovation, outstanding quality and green production processes. KATZBECK is your competent and capable partner in all stages of door and window production, from consulting and planning, to manufacture and installation. Open your senses and find inspiration for your home. Select from a broad range of models, colours and forms; create precisely the atmosphere in your ‘four walls’ that best suits your style. Visit our headquarters and production facility in Rudersdorf or one of our eight window studios in Austria.

1. Introduction

1. Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of KATZBECK windows and doors. We here at KATZBECK manufacture all of our products state-of-the-art and with the greatest precision, according to environmental standards, and in Austria exclusively. Therefore we have been able to offer top-of-the-line products at a fair value-for-money ratio for over 60 years! In order to ensure the long-lasting function and durability it is essential to abide by some important points in regard to assembly, care and maintenance of the products. Please take some time to carefully read the following pages and pay close attention to the notes and especially the warnings and notices of caution included herein! Please keep and/or save this Operating Manual and Handbook and, furthermore, inform other users of your windows/doors (e.g. tenants) about the contents of these instructions. We will gladly mail you additional copies upon request. In Austria, installation and assembly of doors and windows are regulated by the Austrian standard (ÖNORM) B 5320; as this standard also defines the state of technology, all requirements and rules included in this standard must be heeded completely! We have attempted to create a comprehensive manual covering assembly, service, care and metal mount settings. However, due to the constant innovations and improvements it is nearly impossible to keep all information regarding all topics fully up-tospeed or to provide in-depth answers regarding every aspect. Should you have any further questions, your respective KATZBECK customer service representative will gladly assist. Please observe the general and specific notes on product liability and warnings throughout this manual. 2. Notes on Care, Maintenance, Assembly and Warranty: • Only authorized licensed professionals may assemble your high quality windows and doors. • Unfortunately, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for faults or damages resulting from self-assembly. • Any warranty claims may only be made, if all care and maintenance intervals have been heeded to the full extent as set forth in this manual. • Unfortunately, we cannot accept claims of any defects or damages resulting from insufficient or lacking care and maintenance! 4 KATZBECK-MANUAL

3. Scope of Austrian Standard (*ÖNORM) B 5320: The Austrian standard (ÖNORM) B 5320 shall be applied to the planning and execution of the installation of windows, French doors and outer doors – which includes external mounting components in walls in direct contact with the outside atmosphere (e.g. sun shades and fly screens and/or ventilation parts). * = If the windows are not being installed in Austria, the domestic regulations of the respective countries where our products are being used are in effect (e.g. DIN in Germany, and RAL regulations, …) This Austrian standard (ÖNORM) is effective for new structures, renovations, as well as for the exchange of windows. This standard is not in effect for the repair or reconstruction of existing windows as well as in the area of preservation of sites and buildings. Applicability must be checked on a case-by-case basis in the event of fire safety requirements. 4. Quality Assurance, Outside Audits: As traditional Austrian enterprise, we not only pride ourselves on continuous internal improvements and checks to uphold the high quality of our products, we also have periodic external checks and audits conducted by independent testing agencies. These measures afford you and us both with the certainty of always being state-of-the-art in order to ensure the best possible quality and guarantee lifelong joy in the use of KATZBECK products. 5. Proper Airing for a Healthy Indoor Climate • Create a healthy and cozy indoor climate • Reduce heating costs • Prevent the formation of mold in living spaces • Increase the lifespan of your wood aluminium and wood doors and windows The importance of proper airing! In earlier times constant airing was unnecessary. Airing occurred via leaky windows, joints and cracks or simply “on the side”. KATZBECK-MANUAL 5

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