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A family-run firm from Austria with a workforce of 220 employees, KATZBECK has manufactured bespoke windows and doors made of wood and wood/aluminium for over 65 years. KATZBECK products stand for first-rate design, innovation, outstanding quality and green production processes. KATZBECK is your competent and capable partner in all stages of door and window production, from consulting and planning, to manufacture and installation. Open your senses and find inspiration for your home. Select from a broad range of models, colours and forms; create precisely the atmosphere in your ‘four walls’ that best suits your style. Visit our headquarters and production facility in Rudersdorf or one of our eight window studios in Austria.

3) Carefully

3) Carefully Glasleistenrahmen slide the frame of vorsichtig the glass strip in von innen einschieben und mit from verdecktem the inside and Nagler fix with befestigen a hidden nailer (Befestigungsabstand ca. 250 mm) (gaps of approx. 250 mm) 4) Sämtliche Haftflächen Prime all adhesive areas of aluminium auf Aluoberflächen surfaces mit Otto with Cleanprimer Otto Cleanprimer 1101 1101 before vor dem versiegeln vorbehandeln. sealing. 5) Inject Silikon silicone einspritzen (beware of (auf sufficient ausreichende backfilling of silicone Trennmittel rebate!), spray aufspritzen on releasing und agent mittels and remove Hinterfüllung des Silikonfalzes achten!), via Silikonspachtel a silicone scraper. abziehen. Material: Ottoseal S110 Material: Ottoseal S110 System glazed from the OUTSIDE via the aluminium shell and featuring glued insulating glass elements: LINEAflat LINEA DESIGN öffenbar opening öffenbar opening öffenbar opening Remove protective strip from tape and sprinkle adhesive side with water (adding approx. 5% dish soap). (this will allow the glass to be readjusted when mounting) Insert the insulating glass element into the frame, use the glazing blocks acc. to the Glazing Block Regulations and press to the tape (the sheet of glass must be free of dust and grease on the adhesive part) (If possible, conduct glazing work while frame is laid down, this will increase the contact pressure on the tape.) 58 KATZBECK-MANUAL

Mount the aluminium casing frame to the clips on preapplied glazing tape (either tap on to the clips straight from above – in closed position - or snap on to the “opened” clips and arrest by using the aluminium casing assembly wrench to turn by 90°). Prime all adhesive areas on aluminium surfaces with Otto Cleanprimer 1101 before sealing Inject silicone (Beware of sufficient back-filling of the silicone rabbet!), apply abherent and remove using a scraper. Material: Ottoseal S110 Glazing of WOOD ALUMINIUM liftingsliding doors: Leaf: 1) Glasfalzeinlage Place glazing rebate insert einlegen and secure it und (screw) sichern and insert (verschrauben) lower suporting blocks. und untere Tragklötze einlegen. 2) Remove Schutzfolie protective vom strip from Klebeband tape sprinkle abziehen adhesive side with und water Klebefläche (adding approx. 5% mit dish Wasser soap). (this will allow the glass (mit to ca. be readjusted 5% Spülmittelzugabe) when mounting) benetzen. (damit sich die Scheibe beim Einrichten nachjustieren lässt) KATZBECK-MANUAL 59

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