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A family-run firm from Austria with a workforce of 220 employees, KATZBECK has manufactured bespoke windows and doors made of wood and wood/aluminium for over 65 years. KATZBECK products stand for first-rate design, innovation, outstanding quality and green production processes. KATZBECK is your competent and capable partner in all stages of door and window production, from consulting and planning, to manufacture and installation. Open your senses and find inspiration for your home. Select from a broad range of models, colours and forms; create precisely the atmosphere in your ‘four walls’ that best suits your style. Visit our headquarters and production facility in Rudersdorf or one of our eight window studios in Austria.

4) Tilt Aluglasleiste

4) Tilt Aluglasleiste the aluminium mit glass vormontiertem strip with the pre-applied Vorlegeband glazing tape towards the sheet of zur Glasscheibe hin neigen (Vorlegeband an der glass (compress the glazing tape a bit on the glass surface) and slide the aluminium Glasscheibe ein wenig komprimieren) und von oben casing die into Aufnahmenut the slot groove from der the Aluschale top; subsequently ganz einschieben, press away from the glass (possibly anschließend use glass von scraper der or wedge) Glasscheibe until the glass wegdrücken strip clicks. (ev. Glasspachtel oder Keil dafür verwenden) bis die Glasleiste einrastet. 5) Sämtliche Haftflächen auf Aluoberflächen Otto Cleanprimer 1101 before sealing. mit Otto Cleanprimer 1101 vor dem versiegeln vorbehandeln. Prime all adhesive areas on aluminium surfaces with 6) Inject Silikon silicone einspritzen (Beware of (auf sufficient ausreichende back-filling of Hinterfüllung des Silikonfalzes achten!), the silicone rabbet!), apply abherent and remove Trennmittel aufspritzen und mittels using Silikonspachtel a scraper. Material: abziehen. Ottoseal S110 Material: Ottoseal S110 62 KATZBECK-MANUAL

Glazing of insulating glass featuring small capillary tubes (pressure compensation): The stainless small capillary tubes with an external diameter of approx. 1 mm protrude from the spacer approx. 140 mm from the edge of the insulation glazing unit and run along approx. 200 mm of the edge connecting sealing material. The last 20 mm are slightly bent upwards. The small capillary tubes should be located at the wide top edge of the insulating glass unit. If the width of the insulating glass unit falls short of 350 mm, the small tubes will protrude, again, approx. 140 mm from the top edge of the height edge. At all costs, contact between the glass and the blocks has to be prevented and the small tubes may not be kinked or damaged or impaired at the point of penetration through the sealing material (if this does occur, function ceases and/or the insulating glass may become leaky – fogging in the space between the glass and/or pressure compensation can no longer take place properly). Only store insulating glass components featuring small capillary tubes in rooms with low humidity. Avoid even the shortest amount of storage time outdoors or in moisture filled rooms! >= 350 mm

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