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A family-run firm from Austria with a workforce of 220 employees, KATZBECK has manufactured bespoke windows and doors made of wood and wood/aluminium for over 65 years. KATZBECK products stand for first-rate design, innovation, outstanding quality and green production processes. KATZBECK is your competent and capable partner in all stages of door and window production, from consulting and planning, to manufacture and installation. Open your senses and find inspiration for your home. Select from a broad range of models, colours and forms; create precisely the atmosphere in your ‘four walls’ that best suits your style. Visit our headquarters and production facility in Rudersdorf or one of our eight window studios in Austria.


41. KATZBECK GUARANTEES Decades-long knowhow, professionally trained staff, carefully selected top quality material from select suppliers – these elements make up the quality of windows by KATZBECK. We are happy to announce that we can provide you with the following warranty services, which exceed the legal requirements. 10-YEAR WARRANTY For adhesion, color stability and gloss durablility for aluminium components featuring highly weatherproof coats* under the condition that cleaning/maintenance is performed twice a year according to the regulations detailed in this manual and, furthermore, are documented in writing. 5-YEAR WARRANTY For adhesion, color stability and gloss durability for coated aluminium components* under the condition that cleaning/maintenance is performed twice a year according to the regulations detailed in this manual and, furthermore, are documented in writing. 5-YEAR WARRANTY Against misting up between the panes of insulation glass 3-YEAR WARRANTY On the function of window and door fittings, if the components were proven to have been assembled by KATZBECK or one of the authorized KATZBECK assembly partners based on the guidelines detailed in the KATZBECK manual; the assembly has to have been documented in the KATZBECK manual (the following are excluded: adjustment work, wear and tear, as well as any damages resulting from “wrong and inappropriate handling”). *Surface warrantied for coated aluminium components: minimum amount of remaining gloss measures at least 30% of the original value according to the gloss level determined using DIN EN ISO 2813. The following are excluded from surface warranties: corrosion due to surrounding influences, e.g. installation of windows and doors near an ocean (salty surroundings), in direct vicinity of streets featuring salting measures and/or in a surrounding polluted by heavy industry. The warranty does not cover changes in appearance of the surface due soiling. Any characteristics not covered by extended warranties are subject to the respective legal periods of warranty. 72 KATZBECK-MANUAL

Basic requirements for obtaining warranty services • is assembly through a licensed professional (incl. documentation in the KATZBECK manual) • is complete adherence to the assembly and processing guidelines, the basic structural laws, respective standards, as well as the prescribed service intervals etc., as detailed in the KATZBECK manual; everything must be documented in writing, therein. • is the presentation of any and all invoices of the windows/doors and of the assembling professional company (if not further specified in an invoice) when raising a claim to warranty services. • includes understanding the warranty period starts on the day of billing of the contract partner of KATZBECK. • means repairs of flaws and substitute deliveries do not extend the warranty period. • constitutes that our warranty is limited to free subsequent improvements or free new delivery of our choice of any defective products. Any subsequent work required (e.g. re-plastering connections to the façade after exchange of aluminium housings etc.) is not covered by this warranty. • include not performing any repair work by the customer or by third party companies, which have not been arranged by KATZ- BECK or cleared by the service department in writing, otherwise any further warranty becomes null and void. • is filling in the Service and Maintenance performed Form provided below, for any maintenance work (even work completed by the customer!)! Confirmation of assembly: Place, Date Name, Stamp, Signature of Assembling Company The assembly company, having signed, hereby confirms to have installed all elements acc. to current standards (in Austria esp. ÖNORM B 5320 in its latest version) and the guidelines of the KATZBECK Manual, as well as having completed the fine adjustment of all fittings. If any “special requirements” must be heeded (WK2, RC2, fire safety, …), and/or any special requirements had been agreed on based on the respective building structure, these are to be followed and/or any assembly protocols have to be filled in additionally and signed by the company. KATZBECK-MANUAL 73

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